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    A card certifying the identity of the bearer has to be duable and eye catching. PROGOTI ensures style and quality of the hard-wearing ID Cards made of vinyl Chloride polymer.

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    Carry Machine readable digital card as like a normal ID card and wirelessly track presence of bearer. Share that recorded information through Bulk SMS throughout India!

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    We supply suitable stationary items like belt, tie, medal, batches in bulk and on demand. Our product range appreciates style and quality that suits school's reputation.

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About Team Progoti

Our team is intentionally small, eclectic and skilled ; yet we are confident to deliver satisfaction.
Sir Ronald Reagan advised “Trust but verify” & we proclaim “first verify and then trust our service".

About Our Progoti

"We value human over profits,quality of product over quantity, and we deliver an unmatched working relationship with our clients."

- Mrs.Archana Biswas || Founder & C.E.O


In House Development || Open Source Project || Ongoing Research || Creative Decoration
Low Pricing Policy || 100% Contact Privecy || Assured SMS for RFID || Reschedule for Absentees
Fine Droplet Spray Print || Transparent Flim Coating || Durable PVC Card bed || Barcode if Opted
Latest Designing Software || Custom-make Modern Templates || Pre-print Clients' Check on Design
Return Inactive Used Cards || Let Us Recycle || Get Discount on Next Order || Save Earth
Free Software Up-date || On Demand Up-Grade || On Call Spot Demo || 24X7 Client Support

Technical Advances With Us

For Paper ID Card ::  Since laminated paper ID Card decomposed or torn away easily, we use PVC sheets instead of paper one as a card bed. PVC is humidity resistant and has more fire resistance than paper due to higher melting point of 115`Cellcious. We use inkjet printing with original ink instead of cost efficient laserjet to maintain accuracy of print job. We also use fusion technology instead of cost saving conventional Heat-press technology for melting layers inside to make card more durable. In final touch, PROGOTI applies transparent out door protection plastic coat in both sides. We also plea to verify with sample ID Card shown.

For Smart ID Card ::  We have developed smart ID Card of a sound quality under our in house IT Engineer. So, tech support or update is always readily available . We use 1K type radio frequency chip for wireless tracking, such chip are pocket friendly for clients compared to rest available micro chips. Hardware to software are developed under open source platform to minimise clients’ expenditure for buying licensed version. We safe guard RFID from outdoor exposer with plastic casing. We also provide software to collect usages data from RFID card to send SMS as per opt in mobile numbers. The utility is to inform parents via text about arrival and dispatch of their children in a school.

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