FAQ on ID Card

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Useful for legal identity authentication in banks.
Helps in new teacher's orientation and to get contact details for parent interaction.
Authorize identification for pupils when unattended.
First we give demo with sample and distribute data submission forms.
Next we collect those data and design card.
Lastly we verify human error by cross checking and then print.
We make it within 21 working days.
Extra 5 days given for any data alteration and absentees.
We amend these within next 2 days and deliver cards.
No advance is taken before delivery.
Total payment collected on day of delivery.
Discount deduction made only against recycled cards.
Existing customer gets discount on second order against recycle initiatives.
Best lowest price is offered by us.no further discount for fresh clients.
Price depends on quality chosen for material and print quality chosen.
Payment taken after successful delivery.
Delivery personnel collects cheqe or cash payment.
Electronic transaction like NEFT and account deposit is accepted.
We arrange a free photo shoot event for pupil.
Extra two chances given for absentees as for free.
We also share database if school management system requires data.
We proses data as it is found in submitted froms.
If any human error found on forms then next print will be payble.
If error ever happens from our end, next print will be free.
You are welcome in such cases.
Layout size will be determined by us for printing.
Pre-print cross check is also available for satisfaction.
Yes we do print bar code in the ID card surface.
Barcode digit should be provided from school management software.
Else, accommodate printed barcode into your school software database.
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FAQ on RFID Card

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A standalone device reads card and process data.
Its send data to server through password secure wireless access point.
Software in the server generate statistics and view for admin in webpage.
Electrical fluctuation may harm system. Mainly voltage or earthling issue.
After proper repair of electrical system in school, we replace hardware.
Otherwise, In-house developed devices are tested before installation.
Recorded data are stored secure windows hosted online server.
Admin can monitor globally with website interference.
If school does not have internet then we arranged local hosting
Electrical connection to plug in the device.
Internet connection, preferably wifi enabled network.
Web Access device like as desktop or laptop or android phone.
A single device can scan and read an ID card within 3 seconds.
More than one device will naturally seed up the process.
HDRF device can make same in just one second yet costly.
As per our privacy policy, we never share user data.
We use encrypted mode for dealing with data.
Physical paper from is destroyed after data entry.
A fixed amount of SMS comes with package at lowest possible price.
Extra add on SMS requires purchase of credit balance.
All SMS are transactional by nature and abide by TRAI regulation.
Five to 10 seconds is enough for the text communication.
Speed of Internet connection have impact on duration.
Network provider wise the communication time varies.
Yes, camera integration is possible on request.
Webcam requires desktop nearby beside card reader.
IP enable network camera also serve the purpose.
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FAQ on School's Bulk SMS

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One SMS is send per card reading confirmation.
The SMS length is consist of full 160 character.
We use only transactional SMS under dedicated sender id for each school.
We use transactional SMS gateway as it ensure almost 99 % SMS delivery.
The same SMS is used by all banks to send account transaction notification.
Delivery reports are displayed for further satisfaction in admin web panel.
None can attain such. Technically a generated SMS stays in line of Gateway for 10 seconds!
Within this time frame if a phone number remains out of network coverage, won’t get SMS.
Transactional Bulk SMS cannot be delivered in a SIM without network even in airplane mode.
Hence, a switched off phone does not get SMS from Bulk-SMS- Gateway and we can’t and don't charge.
YES, School can use same SMS service for circulation of any notification, announcement or event.
Admin panel has options such as store contacts, create a SMS template, send SMS at a time to all.
With admin id and password, school can view or download SMS delivery reports.
There is also a ‘Re_Push’ option for non-delivered numbers due to network issue
We never disclose any data of our clients, only except admin for his/her sender id only.
We are bold to give a written self-declaration regarding our privacy of data, if requires.
Pricing depends on quantity sold yet it is negotiable.
Pricing is also depends on TRAI’s regulatory policy.
Validity of our bulk SMS are lifetime, once sold.
The Price hike does affect upon sold SMS credits.
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FAQ on Service Providing

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We have reached to 55 schools for current academic session and counting..
Depending on market availability, yet usually within 7 days, we deliver.
We offer both laminated with transparent glossy finish and without lamination.
There are two variant, such as manual cut for squire shape and Laser cut finishing for rest.
Yes, we do it on demand.
Yes, feel free to contact us for business purpose.
Yes, we do whenever asked for the same !
Yes, we welcome and entertain warmly.
We will make it happen depending on project scope.
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